Are you able to walk with the Elegy?

In this striking short film we try and follow one girl and a strange coin as she approaches a mysterious door.

In Pure Spirit

Would you trade the coin for a trip into the unknown? Would you push past the door and into the darkness beyond.


Part Two: Where are all the aliens?

To understand what the Fermi Paradox is and the problems we face when thinking logically about aliens check out Where are all the aliens, part one, for the original video.

Part two of the video attempts to find answers to the Fermi Paradox but is the first to admit that we really don’t know.

One big challenge is technology. We have no idea whether we’re technically advanced race or not. Just how far can we develop? If we knew that we could estimate how far other races might have developed already.

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What do you think? Where are all the aliens?

It rained ice cubes in Gatlinburg

In Pure Spirit

Have you ever seen hail like that? These ice cubes are large enough to hold between your fingers. It seems all too likely that windows will break.

Is the weather getting stranger and do you think the changes are man made or not?

7 terrible fake ghost pictures

What counts as a terrible ghost picture in the first place?

There are a few answers; the photoshop ghost might be easy to spot, the original picture might already be famous or some popular smartphone app like Ghost Camera Prank might have been used. Badly faked ghost pictures are common on the internet. Some might argue that all ghost pictures are fake but that’s a debate for another day.

Here’s 8 of the worst fake ghost pictures according to In Pure Spirit.

Faked Scolastic Information


The picture above is a fake. You can just see the “ghost teacher” or very large child floating above the students in the foreground. The original, seen below, is Robert Doisneau’s Scolastic Information. You can buy the original from Art Republic.


Faked Dracula, Bela Lugois


This is a famous picture from Bela Lugosi’s 1931 Dracula picture. It boggles the mind that anyone would thik to photoshop a ghost into it. Are we expected to think that the vmpire is real too? As evidence; the original can be bought as a poster from


Haunted Gothic Church of St Peter


This fake ghost looks like it was created on a smartphone. You can see the so-called haunting sitting in what looks like a sofa on the right. The original picture can be seen in a blog post created by Andy Finnegan which tells us that the original is the Gothic Church of St Peter in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. You can see a copy of the original below.



Ghosts in the snow


This terrible picture is of Miranda Castle. The original photograph may have been taken by this Flickr user and published without permission to be shared elsewhere. That’s not stopped the original from being spread around the internet and in this case some one adding a horrible creature you can just see in the front left.


Ghosts inside the castle church


It might make sense to imagine there would be ghosts inside a church or ghosts inside a castle. Needless to say it may well make sense that there are ghosts inside a castle church. In this case the photograph does not prove ghosts are real. The original can be found among a personal collection at Roman Zakharii’s site.


Edward VII and his ghost


This so-called haunting of Edward VII is unlikely. The original picture can be found in Wikipedia’s archives and the ghostly spectre added to the image looks more modern than anything else. Do you think this is real?


The ghost on the pier


I suppose this is quite a nice idea. In this case the faked photograph begins life as a good photograph without any obvious hook to the supernatural. A figure is simply added in and suddenly the whole picture takes on a new life. The original, however, can be found on Redbubble by the artist SD Smart and there’s no ghost.


In Pure Spirit

Do you have any other examples of badly forged ghost pictures? Share them in the comments below. Perhaps you think the 7 ghost pictures above have been badly treated and that the originals don’t match up – after all, perhaps it’s the so-called original that’s been photoshopped.

Where are all the aliens?

The stats are a bit of a mystery. There should be plenty of chances for life out there in the universe. There should have been plenty of time for that life to grow, evolve and become a space travelling race.

The question is: where are all the aliens?

We don’t know. This is known as the Fermi Paradox.

In Pure Spirit

Where do you think all the aliens are? Does your religion hold the answer?

Pranking bookstores with “The Beginner’s Guide to Human Sacrifice”

Prankster Obvious Plant created some pretend books and left them hidden at a local bookstore.

Imagine how people must have felt as they reached for this particular pretend book and discovered they held in their hands “The Beginner’s Guide to Human Sacrifice”.




The text says;

There’s no better place to start your journey into the world of satanic death rituals than Lord Bing Shipley’s Beginner’s Guide to Human Sacrifice.

This simple introduction to human sacrifice has been purchased and enjoyed by thousands of people looking to strengthen their personal relationships with the dark Lord Satan.

Put your questions to rest and build the confidence required to get the job done right!



In Pure Spirit

Where does this rank on your prank scale? Funny or not?

The weird ant that uses acid to shield itself from enemy venom

In this odd video from the New Scientist we encounter the tawny crazy ant. This ant successfully takes on the dread fire ant.

How? The invasive fire ants have been doing lots of harm to southern American states since they arrived there in 1930. Their sting is powerful enough to kill small animals and no native ant can stop them.

Until now.

In the last ten years the tawny crazy ant battles the fire ant for food – even invading nests. The trick the tawny crazy ant uses (called crazy because of the way it runs) is to wash itself with its own acid and use that as a shield. After the encounter the tawny crazy ant washes itself clean.

In Pure Spirit

What’s the most remarkable creature you know?

Worried about ants and your pets? In the UK is the largest online pet store. In the US, In Pure Spirit readers might like to know about Only Natural Pet that helps out with pets in a positive way.