Catching a monster lake trout on clear ice

These ice fishermen enter a state of near hysteria as a monster of a lake trout gets caught at Lake Superior. The fishermen are in a tent and balanced on crystal clear ice. Their fishing line is through a hole they’ve drilled. The result is that you can see the mighty fish as it swims below them and wrestles against the line.

Worried about the fish? They let it go.

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Are you a fisher? Would you spend your time out on the ice and get this excited about a catch?

In the UK high street retailer Argos sells fishing rods at low prices. Where else would you recommend as a good place to go to buy equipment for the hobby?

Discover the most radioactive places on Earth

The important difference between ionizing radiation and the sort of radiation you might get with your smartphone is brought to life in this strange tour video. Two sieverts of radiation will kill you. A banana has 0.1 microsieverts.

In order to compare normal radiation (and we can use bananas as comparison now) this brave team goes to some very strange, interesting and radioactive places.

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Would you ever suit up and go on a radioactive tour? Or would you much prefer to spend your summer holidays on a beach in the sun?

Facebook or sex? Which one would you pick?

The retailer Ecigarette Direct isn’t just focusing on their Christmas offers to resupply people with vape goodies like e-liquids and electronic cigarette kits. They’re also asking the British public about addictions.


The survey turned up some results that you might expect. Over 50% of the public figure that gaming can be an addiction but it’s not clear whether they meant spending time on the PlayStation 4 or spending money on the likes of Ladbrokes.

Beauty was also an addition. 34% of people said that the urge to look good could also count and some 22% of people admitted they “couldn’t live” if they couldn’t look good. That’s quite a scary figure.

There were some surprises though. Who do you think would be more likely to value a relationship? Men or women? The survey suggested that men might be the more sentimental sex. In the UK 37% of men said they couldn’t cope if they weren’t in a relationship. A smaller number, just 27% of women, said the same thing.

Is Facebook a relationship substitute? The survey didn’t ask whether people would put Facebook ahead of sex but did ask about social media as well as relationships. Women are more likely than men to suggest that social media could become addictive. 54% of women told the survey that social media was a possible addiction and only 45% of men did.

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Do you agree with these stats? Is looking good, playing games and social media possible sources of addiction?

If you had to say farewell to either sex or Facebook for the rest of your life – which would you pick?

Image credit: Gortana.

The Meaning of Boxing Day

boxing_dayMany people want to stay in countries that are celebrating the Boxing Day right after the celebration of Christmas Day. But most of them are not aware of its importance in the tradition of those people who belong in American and European nations. Boxing Day is one of the most special traditions that can be found in the United Kingdom, United States and other countries in the different parts of the globe. History shows that this event has been created to promote the season of giving in the duration of the Christmas season. Its name has been invented  to describe Christmas gifts in boxes. It’s a season of giving and it was designed to give real happiness and joy to the Christmas celebration of servants who deserve to be happy in the celebration of Christmas season.

This tradition is already well known in the different parts of the globe in the duration of 18th century. Until now, it remains as one of the most important traditions in English-speaking nations that can be found in Europe and America. This celebration has nothing to do with the popular sport in this world that is well known as boxing. It’s a great time for enjoyment and relaxation for those people who want to stay on the side of their family members in one of the most special days in the whole celebration of the Christmas season.

The exact date for Boxing Day this event is December 26. It’s an annual event that was designed to serve as a day off for all servants who want to provide their family members with gifts right after the celebration of Christmas day. On the exact date of this celebration, all servants will be provided with Christmas boxes by their masters as a sign of thanksgiving and humbleness while celebrating the birth of the Jesus Christ. Servants can use all things that can be found in their Christmas boxes as gifts for their family members when needed.

The main purpose of Boxing Day is to make sure that all people in this world will be happy and aware of the true spirit of Christmas celebration for the rest of their lives. In other countries, new terms and words were used to introduce this event. In South Africa, the term that was used since 1994 to describe this tradition is Day of Goodwill since it encourages people to be humble and aware of the real meaning of love while celebrating the second day of Christmas season. In Europe, the most common term for this special tradition is Second Christmas Day.

At the present time, the new term that has been introduced to describe this celebration is bank holiday. This is because Christmas boxes are no longer popular in the whole celebration of Christmas day in this modern world. There are times that the celebration of this event will be moved to December 27 if December 26 falls on a Sunday. This tradition is something that all servants or workers should never miss in the whole celebration of Christmas season.

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What does Boxing Day mean for you? Is it about hitting online stores like Amazon and eBay in search of sales? Is it about recovering from a busy Christmas Day?

What tips do you have for getting the most out of Boxing Day? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Patheos.

Watch as an ice flow crushes a river

The Wild Ammonoosuc River, in Woodsville, starts off as frozen over with thick ice. You can see how thick the ice is because there is a large crack in it.

The language in the video gets a little sweary as the as the spectators begin to see what’s rushing down towards them. Up river the ice has finally broken and cracked under the weight. This has caused a chain reaction of rushing water and chunks of ice that carve up the frozen river as it tumbles downwards.

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Do you have a river near you that acts like this?

Incredibly clear ice! It is like these hikers are walking on glass

This remarkable video shows hikers trekking across a frozen lake in Slovakian Mountains. If you’ve not watched it yet and are wondering what the fuss is about – the video’s had more than 3m views in just 4 days of being online. Viewing figures like that are a good hint at how odd and yet beautiful the lake is.

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Have you ever explored a lake when it has been frozen over? Was it scary? Was it wise to do so?

Are women monsters at Christmas?

shouldn__t_fight_on_christmas_by_imandark-d4jksqzHoliday Autos is a site that helps people compare car hire providers. It works with brands like Europcar, Avis and Hertz. This year Holiday Autos has done some research into driving home for Christmas. You know the sort of stats; 23% of couples have had at least some for disagreement over who to visit for Christmas and that sort of thing.

I noticed some interesting little stats right at the bottom of the survey. Are you looking forward to seeing your mum this holiday? 14% of people in Holiday Auto’s survey said it was their own mother they least looked forward to seeing. The stat was the same for males and females and was double any other family members. Do mothers worry so much over Christmas that they let the stress get to them?

The figure was even worse among 18-24 year olds. A whopping 26% of young people weren’t keen on spending time with their own mum this Christmas.

It goes on; for people in the 55-64 age range it was the sister-in-law who was the most dreaded family member for the Christmas get together. Some 10% of females found the impending meeting with their mother-in-laws shuddersome and 7% of males didn’t even want to socialise with their own sisters. In Northern Ireland a huge 28% of people in the survey put their sister-in-law at the bottom of the meet and greet pile.

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You can see Holiday Auto’s write up of the survey over on their blog. They talk about things like the item you’re most likely to forget on a Christmas trip (your toothbrush) and favourite Christmas driving tunes. I’m afraid it took this blogger to notice and worry about this sinister festival transformation of women.

It’s worth noting that this “women are monsters at Christmas” is not a claim being made exclusively by men. Women aren’t looking forward to meeting their female family members either.

Do you think this is because women worry so much about Christmas that they get stressed? What are your theories?

Image credit: Jim Hiro at Deviant Art.

The hypnotic spinning sand table

Who knew you could make so many hypnotic patterns by spinning sand on a table?

The music here is “Vapour Trails” – the Matthew Herbert Remix.

Readers might know that Geomancy is the method of divination that uses soil, rock and sand. You would normally study the 16 geomantic figures but perhaps a musical mystic might be inspired by this video.

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What’s the strangest and most hypnotic video that you’ve found on YouTube? Why not share it below.

Crazy? A great idea? The Octaloofah is ambitious!

Fun in the shower? A much needed back massage in the shower? As the Octaloofah team points out some 50% of Americans have back pain each year and back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the GP.

Would you back this Kickstarter campaign?

[Back this Campaign]

The Octaloofah is looking for $65,000 but you can have one for just $39 if you’re quick and the campaign funds. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter it works like this;

  1. The team pitch you their idea – in this case; the Octaloofah
  2. To promise them some money if they hit their target
  3. If the target is hit the system automatically collects your money
  4. If the target is missed then you keep your money
  5. You get a reward equal to your pledge level

For the most part it works very well. Sometimes things go wrong. If you’re not sure you can pledge less than the $39. If you love the idea you can pledge a lot more and unlock extra perks.

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Tempted by the Octaloofah or do you think this is a crazy idea?


The truth behind the mighty and powerful Jibbers Crabst

Jibbers Crabst is the holy lobster. Jibbers Crabst is the power that brought life to the universe; including and especially bombardier beetles and banana spiders.

This is the conclusion of high priest Matt Inman, Mr Oats, of The Oatmeal. The cartoonist got to the not-keynote for the first every BAHFest West at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco.

What’s BAHFest? It is the Festival of Bad Ad Hoc Hypotheses, that’s a form of hypotheses I’m fond of here at IPS, and deals with logically explained but clearly wrong evolutionary theory. High prest Matt Inman is a master.

Special shoutout goes to the sign language supplier who stands just behind Inman. She’s given some howlers to translate into ASL and does amazingly well. She wins the audience around.

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Do you doubt the lobster wisdom of Jibbers Crabst? What alternative evolutionary theory would you suggest?