Why do rivers have bends in them?

Rivers that run down from mountains tend to run straight so why is it that rivers start to form curves and bend once they hit flat ground?

Is it possible for a river to meet itself as it bends or even get stuck in a loop?

This video from MinuteEarth explores.

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Scary: Stakeboarding New York’s abandoned psych ward

The Jenkem Magazine team hit up a few abandoned spots for this film. Back in 1931 this building was thriving but World War 2 got in the way and things started falling apart.

There are 10 abandoned buildings in this centre (with 4 additional buildings still in use). Psych patients and cops roam around the site.

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What do you think? Spooky? Or just stakeboard cool?

Out of this world! What caused this alien Russian glow?

Motor insurance fraud can be a problem in Russia and so many drivers ride with dashboard cams. That’s why you might find plenty of odd Russian driving videos on YouTube.

This video is one. It’s odd.

What on earth do you think caused that glow in the sky?

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Are you tempted to research cheap flights to Russia, find a hotel in Moscow and spend some time on the other side of the world?

Ghost-hunter finds mysterious Loch Ness picture

Does this picture show a monster in Loch Ness?

The photograph was taken by paranormal investigator Jonathan Bright and seems to show something other than a wave in the choppy waters of the Scottish loch.

Bright is a professional monster-hunter, who’s been on TV shows and even History Channel documentaries. He found the photograph three years after he took it as he’s spent months analysing thousands of his own surveillance of the area. He told the Express;

I investigate the paranormal but I also investigate legends and Nessie is one of them.

“Three years ago, I came to Scotland to investigate the Nessie legend and took thousands of photographs.

“It took me six months to look at them all and I found this one which I showed when I spoke at the Scottish Paranormal Festival in Stirling this week.

Bright is now expected in Edinburgh where he’ll search the capital for ghosts.

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What do you think? A fake? Just a rock peaking through the loch? Surely we’ve now seen enough scientific evidence to prove there’s no Nessie?

Laughing at the dangers of this incredible Himalayan bus ride

This video shows tourists / brave explorers take a bus ride up into the Himalayas.

Sound straight forward? It was nothing of the sort. First the bus scattered along a narrow road with a 2,000 foot drop just below one side, then it had to squeeze under an overhanging rock… and then it got to the waterfall. Imagine just how slippery that stone road would be with the water gushing all over the place!

Holiday companies like Kuoni do arrange holidays in the Himalayas.

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Would you accept a lift from this bus?

Have neuroscientists discovered how to create the feeling of a ghost?

A team of scientists have been able to create the strange “feeling of a presence” in a lab. This is believed to be what is at work when we sometimes suspect there’s a “ghost” nearby.

The science is both impressive and underwhelming at the same time. It’s underwhelming because there is actually something touching you if you take part in this experiment – it’s just not happening the way you might expect.

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Do you think neuroscience will be able to explain all “supernatural” encounters one day?

Do you believe Monster energy drinks are Satan? This woman does

This woman argues that Monster energy drinks are the work of Satan.

Sound silly? Sound odd? Even those it’s a vertical video – give it a watch. The Christian makes her argument without frothing and has even invested in display cards. How can she be wrong?


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Crazy talk or has this eagle-eyed religious investigator discovered a terrible truth?

Bad news for Monster or does this video represent a great ad that the company will be pleased of? As the video goes viral will likes of ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons be pulling the juice from their shelves or see monster sales?

Optography: The last thing they ever saw

Do you believe in Optography? This is the technique by which images are extracted from dead eyes; revealing the last thing they ever saw.

Most people think this is a myth but there is scientific proof behind the idea.

This video is a good look at the science and theory behind Optography.

Caution – it may freak you out a little as the video includes actual photographs of images captured from eyes.

If you’re not sure whether this is real or not then a quick trip to Wikipedia’s page on the subject should put you at ease. Optography is a thing but it’s usefulness may not be.

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Do you have any other examples of “Fringe Science” that sound too odd to be real?

This is what a 4-acre spider web looks like!


This photograph belongs to the Entomological Society of America; Greene and others and was shown by Wired.com. It’s a 4-acre spider web.

It’ll come as no surprise that when the Baltimore Wastewater Treatment Planet discovered this web back in 2009 that they had to call for help. Scientists estimated there were over 107,000,000 spiders living in the web.

They noted;

“e were unprepared for the sheer scale of the spider population and the extraordinary masses of both three dimensional and sheet-like webbing that blanketed much of the facility’s cavernous interior. Far greater in magnitude than any previously recorded aggregation of orb-weavers, the visual impact of the spectacle was was nothing less than astonishing.

In places where the plant workers had swept aside the webbing to access equipment, the silk lay piled on the floor in rope-like clumps as thick as a fire hose.

You can read more about monster web over at Gwen Pearson’s article.

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What’s the largest spider web you’ve ever had to deal with?