Deal of the Day: Shef Professional pancake maker

This Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday. It’s Pankcake Day!

Are you prepared or has this one snuck up on you? If it’s a pancake ambush then this 59% sale at is for you. It ships via Amazon Prime so you can order it any time up to Monday and probably get it on Monday.

Pancake Maker

Cost: Reduced from £84.99 to only £34.99. Product Page: Shef Professional High Quality Electric Crepe and Pancake Maker + FREE Batter Spreader, Oil Brush, Wooden Spatula & Ladle

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What are you going to do this Pancake Day?

The horrible lies they tell you – natural labels mean nothing

Shocked by the video? Looking for some organic and trusted brands? Here’s a quick few! Organic Surge, Michael Todd True Organics, Nourish Organic and One Love Organics.

Want food? What about Graze or even the organic ranges at Tesco or Waitrose?

See. Phew. Plenty of choice.

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Can you think of any friends who need to see this video? Do you think the laws in Europe are any better than the American system in which the word “natural” has no meaning?

HTC’s Power to Give is incredible

A round of applause for HTC.

Today at Mobile World Congress they’ve announced a new app called “Power to Give”. The app runs when your phone is on wi-fi and when it is plugged in and charging. Why? This makes sure it doesn’t drain your battery or eat your data.

What does Power to Give do? It uses your phone to help solve very real and very serious problems. Your smartphone is given a little bit of data to process while you’re not using it and then your smartphone hands the answers back.

Doesn’t sound impressive? All those smartphones working together could have the same power as a super computer. In other words; you can use your phone, without any bother or cost to yourself, to make the world a better place.

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Are you tempted to download and install the app?

The church in Antarctica

Trinity Church

This is a real church. Funds were collected by a charity called Temple for Antarctica which paid for this Eastern Orthodox, staffed, church. Trinity Church can accommodate up to 30 people and was opened by in 2004 by Theognost, the Biship of Segiyev Posad and the Namestrnik of Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra. The Orthodox church is staffed by one or two volunteer priests who rotate out each year.

The church is on King George Island which is near the Russian Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica. When the priests aren’t busy with Church duties they help maintain the station.

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Would you be up for a trip to King George Island and a visit to Trinity Church?

Know of any other impressive church photographs? Share the links in the comments below.

How wolves in Yellowstone park changed rivers for the better

Wolves have been reintroduced to Yellowstone park in America. It was a controversial move. Not everyone wanted them. As it turns out the return of the wolves triggered some trophic cascades. Trophic cascade is a process that starts at the top of the food chain and reaches down the way.

Wolves hunted the deer. That simple fact started an important and beneficial chain reaction.

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Are you surprised at how significant the changes to the animal and plant life have been in response to the return of the wolves.

Does the Yellowstone National park success suggest we should look to return wolves elsewhere? Such as back to Scotland?

Bringing Most Haunted back: An interview with Lee Roberts

lee-robertsThe Most Haunted brand is coming back. The owner of Haunted Events UK, Lee Roberts, has teamed up with Karl Beattie to launch Most Haunted Paranormal Nights. The brand returns as a pair of live events for which tickets are on sale, if you’re quick.

Some Most Haunted fans may not have encountered Haunted Events UK yet or may not yet have caught up with the news. In Pure Spirit reached out to Lee Roberts, asking for an interview, looking to ask some questions about the return. Lee kindly found the time to help.

Readers may have heard that Most Haunted has teamed up with Haunted Events UK. Could you tell us a little about Haunted Events UK and yourself?

My name is Lee Roberts and I have been investigating the Paranormal now for over 16 years. I started off with a private team and after many years of investigating private houses, pubs and clubs we investigated a location called Clifton Hall in Nottinghamshire. This got a lot of attention and hit a lot of headlines all over the world due to the activity that was found. I decided to start Haunted Events UK in 2010 to let the public see what we do on an investigation. I went on to present a few TV shows here in the UK and in the US and have appeared many times on TV and radio speaking about the Paranormal.

(Lee has a site at

Where did the idea to do Most Haunted Paranormal Nights come from? Did Karl Beattie contact you first?

Karl and Myself have spoken for quite a while regarding a few projects, Karl wanted to give something back to the fans and let them experience a Ghost Hunt with some of the team. He knew I ran events via Haunted Events UK and he also liked how we ran them so asked if I could organise some events for him.

What do you hope to achieve at Morecambe Winter Gardens and the first event?

We hope to meet some of the fantastic Most Haunted Fans, have a good time and enjoy ourselves. The paranormal activity will come if it’s there but we can never guarantee that. We want to let the fans have a go, have fun and meet and have a go with Karl and Stuart.

What are the plans for the future? More events? TV? Online broadcasts with YouTube or Twitch?

I can only comment on the public events I’m afraid, the TV side is all dealt with by Karl and he is busy editing episodes as we speak. Event wise we want to do the two at Morecambe, have a good time and then look at it again from there, hopefully we will do more BUT that is down to Karl and if he feels he and the fans got out of it what he hoped for.

How hard is to run a paranormal investigation?

“The key to any Paranormal Investigation is to have fun, enjoy it and experiment. ”

The key to any Paranormal Investigation is to have fun, enjoy it and experiment. No-one has the final answer on how they are run so have a go, go with your gut instinct and you’ll find what works and what doesn’t. You don’t need to be a Parapsychologist or Scientist to run these although there is a place for real serious research. The investigation bit is easy, it’s the research afterwards that’s the hard bit.

What extra pressures are there when you unite a paranormal investigation with an event? Can you be sure paying ticket holders will experience something interesting?

No, there is no pressure at all really, my moto is I would rather guests go home disappointed that nothing happened rather than fake anything. It will happen if it’s there and the energies are right.

If there’s a scale with “scientific investigation” on one end and “entertainment” at the other; where will you place Most Haunted Paranormal Night events?

Very much on entertainment and having fun, letting the guests experience a Ghost Hunt… we are not recording all the evidence for research but we do explain what the activity could of been, we always look and explain the science of any activity and experiment.. but we are here to provide a service and let them have a good time.

What are the three most important pieces of kit that paranormal investigators should carry while they’re on scene?

Yourself, a torch and a key to get out quickly! I always say to go on a Ghost Hunt you need one bit of equipment, your own senses is key, follow your instincts and try and see, hear, feel, sense, the scientific equipment is brilliant BUT no essential.

What’s the most haunted location in the United Kingdom that you’re aware of? Would you like to run a Most Haunted Paranormal Nights event there?

Good Question, the most active I’ve experienced is Newstead Abbey in Nottingham, I am lucky enough to run the events for them and when you get a good night it is amazing. The spookiest I would have to go back to Clifton Hall in Notts, it was such a weird location, not as much activity but more like the twighlight zone!

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Thanks to Lee for his time and answers.

Based on Lee’s experience I dug quickly into Newstead Abbey in Nottingham and found this silent but rather freaky YouTube video. Watch for the 1:10 mark and the figure that moves in the background. A flash? A person? It’s very fast.

What do you think about the launch of Most Haunted Paranormal Nights? Let us know in the comments below.

10 awesome pictures of elephants

Aren’t elephants wonderful animals? Do you know you can go on elephant conservation holidays? I imagine they’re well worth it for those who can afford to travel. In the meantime let’s settle for 10 awesome pictures of these grand animals.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Do you have a favourite animal? Which of nature’s wonders should the blog feature next?

Image credits: From e-apraksina (offline) and /r/pics.