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In Pure Spirit talked to Chris Kiley, creator of Paranormal Knights, and asked about this Indiegogo campaign and his experiences in the field.

Who are The Paranormal Knights? What do you do?

We are a collection of paranormal researchers, multi-denomination experts, sound technology professionals, film makers and technology engineers. Through the use of a very rigorous screening process, we have a team that is not only able to discover evidence of possible spirits, but also able to distinguish the difference between a normal and paranormal event caught on film or recording devices. This is why we have chosen the word Knight. It represents a set of values that we consider essential. Truth, Valour, Bravery, Honour and Perseverance. It also doesn’t hurt that we think it sounds pretty cool.

A Paranormal Knight, with a previous group or by yourself which locations have you investigated already? Favourite location?

Prior to building the Paranormal Knights team, I myself investigated a collection of haunted houses, cemeteries, insane asylums, private home investigations and abandoned buildings. My favourite location, tough question. Each location hold a little something special for me but my top choice to return to is the Dorea Institute. Dorea was an institute for mentally ill orphans back in the 40’s and remained open until 1995. What is so intriguing is that the so called “mentally ill” orphans were part of a group in the range of 20,000 orphans falsely accused of insanity so that experiments could be done on them without anyone questioning it. They were part of the “Duplessis Orphans” and the Dorea Institute was so close to the U.S. border that tunnels were created so American doctors could secretly enter Canada to partake in the experiments. Unfortunately due to the horrible conditions, exposure to toxins and the property owners lack of cooperation, we could not investigate in depth. We’re not giving up though. We’ll make it back there someday!

Also, what has been your favourite discovery?

My favourite discovery is one that happened just recently. We visited a mass grave site that contained hundreds of bodies dating back over 200 years. The site was used for military and civilian personnel that were stationed at an old fort nearby. Almost instantly our EMF reader was registering some intense activity, however it was only in one small two foot radius. The signal would come and go about every 3 minutes but always in the same spot. We did a sweep of the entire location and found no other activity and no possible sources of electromagnetic interference. Returning to the original spot, our EMF reader continued to register a high frequency in regular intervals. We discussed some possibilities and thought perhaps, being a military grave site, that it was a guard doing his rounds. Passing the spot on each time around the grave. Here’s where it gets really exciting! The next time our EMF reader went off we followed what we considered to be a logical path for a guard to make and we were able to follow the signal for a good 5 feet before the EMF reader lost the signal. All caught on film. Very exciting!

The Indiegogo video promises you’ll find supernatural activity. Isn’t that a really bold promise to make?

You’re right, it is a bold promise. They key to finding evidence is first having a location that is haunted. Sounds simple enough but in reality it’s not always the case. There needs to be a reason WHY the location is haunted. With the help and insight from parapsychologists and psychologists we have devised a list of elements that would be the main source of a haunting. We have put our list to the test numerous times in both haunted and non haunted locations. The results have spoken form themselves. Locations that contained no elements from our list, had no activity that would suggest any evidence of the supernatural. However the areas that did contain at least one of our elements, we have found a large variety of unexplained events. This is why I’m so confident that by investigating locations according to our elements, we, and of course the viewers, will find some sort of evidence.

Why do you think there is not already compelling evidence of the supernatural? Or is paranormal, by very definition, never going to be normal?

Another great question! That’s really THE question, isn’t it? I think there’s two issues here. One is that, at this stage the majority of the scientific community has not embraced the investigating of the supernatural, so research in the field is considered a little fringe. Only a handful of Universities world wide teach courses in Parapsychology. If we had more minds trained in the field, I think we would be much farther ahead than we are today. Mind you, we once thought the world was flat, and that the stars moved around the earth as it stood still. So although I am a believer in science, history has proved that it’s not always right. The second issue we face is confusion. Often a paranormal investigation and ghost hunting are considered the same thing. They’re not. It would be like saying crime scene investigation is the same as CSI on TV. One is for evidence, one is for entertainment. The more we pay attention to true investigations, you will see a pattern emerge. That to me, is what compelling evidence is all about.

Sadly there’s only one way to truly find out what’s on the “other side”, and by then it’s too late to tell anyone. That being said, we as a human race has always been trying to understand the world around us and records of spiritual contact date back when humans scratched drawings on cave walls. Could that many people be wrong?

What tips do you have for ghost hunters and paranormal investigators?

A good paranormal investigator must first investigate. It’s essential to know your surroundings and details about your location. Go there during the day, gather all the details about the place, things in the surrounding area, history of the location, anything you can get your hands on. The more information the better. It’s super important because, as an example, flickering lights in a house built before 1940 are common because of the old electrical standards. We once had a woman hear scratching from inside her closet, when in fact it was a tiny branch that would scrape her aluminium siding. If you are a paranormal investigator you absolutely MUST rule our anything that could cause whatever is happening at the location. If you really want to find evidence, then treat it like a crime scene. Figure out why these things happen. Once you rule out every possibility, now you have some serious evidence! Oh and one last thing… don’t do that ghost taunting they do on TV. We always stick with the mind set that, if there is a spirit there, they were once human. Would you go talk to a jerk if you were a ghost?

It is really hard to raise money and budgets for paranormal investigations. Why do you think that is?

Well I think that unfortunately some people have given paranormal investigation a bad reputation. Not everyone takes it seriously so when they go out ghost hunting, they do all sorts of unprofessional things. I once interviewed someone who told me that she communicates better with spirits while she is under the influence of large amounts of alcohol. Even I laughed at that one. This is the struggle we, as a community, face. We get piled into one giant group. Once the word paranormal comes out, we are often instantly grouped in with those who like to just play around. Police and Intelligence Organizations like the FBI take it seriously, proven by the fact that they hire clairvoyants on important cases. SO… here’s my call to action for all you paranormal investigators! Let’s raise the credibility of the science. When our show is aired, we’ll have ways for you to see our investigations and interact with us. I invite you, Andrew to join us! In fact I invite everyone! Let’s bring paranormal research out of the fringe and into every day thinking!

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There you have it – a Q&A from the founder of the Paranormal Knights. Have you ever attempted something like the investigation group and film team combo that Chris is doing? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

Woah! The world’s deepest holes [infographic]

This infographic from GeoCon is a long one. It’s long but it’s not nearly as large as some of the holes that pepper this planet. You might be surprised… or even a little shocked.


In Pure Spirit

Did you have any idea that holes of this size had been dug? Would you visit Sakhalin-1?

Coyotes offer scary response

Imagine you could howl like the coyotes. Imagine also that you took yourself off to the deep woods and let howl. What’s the worst that could happen?

In Pure Spirit

I bet you could hear the coyotes. You could hear their barks and hear the thumping. Did you see any?

An A to Z of Everything That Will Kill You

It’s dangerous out there.

This quirky video from College Humor has Death the bartender run through an A to Z of things that might kill you. As the poor chap in the video finds out it’s pretty hard to avoid harm.

In Pure Spirit

What’s your guilty pleasure? What do you do… even though you know it’s bad?

Pelican wave dive bombs the beach

Not a good time to be a fish. I wouldn’t have wanted to have been swimming just in the patch of shore that this flock of pelicans took notice of either!

This remarkable video shows a rolling wave of dive bombing birds as they plunge into the breaking waves in search of a fishy treat.

In Pure Spirit

What’s the most remarkable holiday video or photograph you’ve ever taken?

Newton House or Newton Nightmares? House in Wales is currently maintained by the National Trust and is a truly elegant and beautiful building. It dates back to the 1600’s and has had much influence from gothic and Victorian times, with some parts of the building being added on in the 18th century. It hasn’t always been the pretty site it appears today though. In 1974, the building was sold and it suffered. It is situated near the small market town of Llandelio in South Wales and has recently been restored to it’s former glory. It’s gothic appearance has fuelled the suspicions of many that it is in fact a paranormally active building, which explains why it has appeared on most haunted before, along with many other chilling stories.

The structural integrity of the building was damaged, when squatters moved in and used many of the wooden support beams for firewood. This now makes the floorboards on the upper floor very dangerous to walk on. The squatters that have lived there have also stripped the house of many of it’s original features, diminishing the buildings overall charm. The house also has a chilling history to it. The now picturesque surroundings of a deer park and well maintained gardens do not simply make it’s sinister past disappear.

The earliest and most prominent spooky story from the house, that perhaps sparked most of the intrigue and suspicion about it’s paranormal activity is when Lady Elinor Cavendish was strangled by a suitor. The most disturbing, yet interesting part of this story is that many visitors report being able to feel invisible hands placed around their necks whilst they are in the house, a spooky thought indeed. There is this story and many others that have seen the times place the house as the number four most haunted site in Britain!

The house even looks haunted, if you imagine a generic, scary, old haunted house, then something resembling Newton House springs to mind. The stories of ghosts do not disappoint it’s appearance either. The ghost of Lady Elinor is called the white lady and had a rather large prominence the last time time that most haunted visited the house. She was murdered in cold blood by a man she did not want to marry and ever since, it has been said that she haunts the house. There have even been tales of a beautiful girl appearing, almost out of thin air and disappearing, into a cupboard, seconds later, never to be seen again.

There has also been reports that a man was hung there centuries ago, which is another reason visitors feel like they are being strangled on entering the house. Many visitors have also seen a haggard old lady, who appears at the top of the stairs. This woman is dressed all in black and looks that ferocious, scary and evil that many visitors do not dare walk past where the spirit stands.

Even the land on which the house is built is said to be cursed. There are many inns and hotels nearby that are said to of had numerous people hung in their hotel rooms and the area is basically well-known by many to be haunted, not just the house itself. One story in particular is the legend of the nearby Skirrid Mountain Inn is that a huge number of felons, 182 to be precise, have been found, hung, above the staircase.

There have been several reports of a poltergeist moving objects around the house as well. A particularly spooky encounter is said to involve a wheelchair in the next episode of most haunted. The band members of Bullet for my valentine are really shaken and the ordeal with the wheelchair is said to provide some of the most conclusive paranormal proof that there has ever been in Newton House.

In Pure Spirit

Have you visited Newton House, Llandeilo, and encountered anything spooky? It’s considered by some to be one of the most haunted locations in the country.

The incredible science behind this $2,000,000 garden pool

This garden pool cost $2 million Dollars. That’s an incredible amount of money to spend on a water feature but this is also an incredible pool. It is as a long as four school buses. It has several waterfalls that either let you jump from the top or are the exit point of a hidden slide.

The rock is fake but looks very real. Inside the rock is the entry way to a water tunnel that’s so deep and dangerous you need to train in scuba to use it. Also inside the rock is an entire kitchen, with 8 panel grill, shower and toilet.

2m-pool7 2m-pool8 2m-pool6 2m-pool5 2m-pool4 2m-pool3 2m-pool2 2m-pool1

In Pure Spirit

What do you think? If you had $2,000,000 to spend on improving your home would you consider a pool like this? Would you donate the money to charity?

Do you have a pool in your back garden?

The monstrous body of a two-headed dolphin


The shocking corpse of a strange two-headed dolphin was found by a school teacher on holiday in Turkey. The Telegraph reports how Turgul Metin described making his discovery.

“I noticed the dolphin in the sea and watched as it washed on to the beach.

“I couldn’t take it in at first, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

“I’ve never even heard about a dolphin like this let alone seen one with my own eyes.”

It is believed that the animal is a conjoined pup and probably only a year old. Metin noticed the dolphin’s eyes had not fully formed.

In Pure Spirit

Do agree with the marine biologist’s conclusion that this was a conjoined dolphin pup? How did it manage to survive for so long?

Would you believe this creepy creature footage is real?

You might be mistaken for thinking some sort of monster man or yeti was visiting this apparently safe neighbourhood. The creature that’s left the shadows of the nearby wood is actually a bear.

The bear, perhaps to keep watch out for people, lopes through the road of Jefferson Township, NJ, on its hind legs. The curious animal inspects a few bins before returning to the wild.

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Have you ever seen anything like this? If so share your video links in the comments below.

What would you think if you saw a fury humanoid stalking between the houses at 5am in the morning in your street?

Enormous whale takes kayakers for a ride

A father and daughter were so enthralled by the sight of two huge whales basking near the surface that they allowed themselves to get very close on their little plastic kayak.

You can see what happens next for yourself.

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Do you think father and daughter handled the encounter well? Would you like to do something similar?