Help make vegan cheese

Vegans can’t enjoy cheese nor can the 60% of us who are lactose intolerant. If only there was a solution…

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If you want to help invent vegan cheese – and become a legend – then you can back this Indiegogo.

If you contribute $10 to this project you’ll earn some Real Vegan Cheese stickers. If you leap up to $50 then you’ll get a 3D printed model of chymosin – that’s the enzyme used in this project. I’m tempted by the $100 mark to earn myself a “biohacker” lab coat.

Not watched the video yet? What if I told you there’s a cute duckling.

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Are you tempted by this cheese? Or worried about the genetic modification?

Sudden hail storm rips Russian beach

It’s a lovely 41 degrees in Novosibirsk in Russia. People have taken to the waters to cool off. That’s when the hurricane force winds and the hail storm struck.

The temperature drops to 21 degrees in just a few minutes. Bathers are forced to take cover. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse – it does.

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Can you imagine weather acting like this where you live?

Surprises with glow-in-the-dark snails!

This is not an amazing art project. This is science. It’s science that just so happens to require glow-in-the-dark snails!

Turns out that the quickest snails in this study move at about 1m every hour. Sound slow? A single snail can cover a whole garden in a whole night.

Pet owners need to watch out. It’s not healthy if dogs eat them and yet snails and slugs may well take shelter during the day inside a dog chew.

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What tips and tricks do you have for looking after your garden and for keeping your dog well?

Demons, kings and fairies at the Hill of Witches

There are more than 80 different wooden carvings in a forest in Juodkrante, Lithuania called the Hill of Witches (“Raganu kalnas”). The project started in 1979 and is now a public trail that takes walkers through a collection of myths and legends from Lithuanian folklore.

On June 24th, each year, people sing and dance to bring in the midsummer. The celebrations date back to pagan beliefs but after Christianity came to Lithuania the festivities became known as the Saint Jonas’ Festival.

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Do you like the art? Would you take part in the Saint Jonas’ Festival and dance between these carvings?

Photo credits: Jodi Le Bigre

Tree spirit carvings

Have you noticed the Weirwood in Game of Thrones? These are the trees with white bark, blood coloured leaves and heart trees are a type of Weirwood that have had a face carved in them.

Artist Keith Jennings carves his own trees. He calls the project “Tree Spirits”.




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What do you think of the tree spirits? Art? Mystical? Or are you worried the trees might be harmed?

You can see more at My Modern Met.

Haunted? A look at the Royal Court Theatre in Bacup, Lancashire

The Royal Court Theatre in Bacup, Lancashire, is renowned as a local focus for paranormal activity, attracting ghost hunters and mediums from around the country, eager to experience the unusual atmosphere that surrounds the property.

The building that is now home to the Royal Court Theatre, originally housed the Henrietta Street Iron Foundry, which was tragically gutted by fire in 1850. Much of the substantial stone building remained and the shell was bought in 1886 and reconstructed as a theatre which opened its doors in 1893; becoming the home to live music and variety acts. The theatre was, and still is, a source of local pride, boasting a vast auditorium, traditional sprung stage and an orchestra pit, which made it amongst the best facilities in the region.

Royal Court Theatre in Bacup

Over the years the theatre has been the site of a number of cases of unusual occurrences, many of which seem to recur. Members of the public, theatre staff, stage crew and performers have all seen and heard unexplained happenings, with regular reports of ghostly apparitions. The Managing Director can recount episodes of thrown objects, bells being rung, draughts and curiously, a pair of ‘Blue Legs’. Another regular feature that has yet to be explained is the sound of a multitude of shuffling feet, as though a crowd were being seated.

One of the more regular entities claimed to have been seen is a young woman known as ‘Kitty’ who whose name coincides with an usherette who worked regularly in the auditorium. The most famous spirit however is ‘Norah’ who was captured in a photograph taken during a performance by the Second Rossendale Scout Band, which featured in the SUN newspaper in 2008. Not visible at the time, ‘Norah’ is described as an elderly woman dressed in black, with bunched grey hair and white collar. The image appeared when the photograph was downloaded onto a computer, and so far no-one has been able to explain how this could have occurred using a digital camera. Another regular is a man called Jackson, and there is also one resembling a doctor, who is reported to appear in reception. In 2009 a paranormal research group spent an evening at the theatre and during a séance on the stage they believe that they had an encounter with a young lad called Derek, who had died at the age of 13.

Given the age of the building and its history there will be numerous tales, some involving a tragic death or accident, relating to people linked to it. This makes the Royal Court Theatre a promising hunting ground for those looking for ghosts and mysterious occurrences. Then again, it is an old Victorian building with strange acoustics, echoing chambers and long dark passageways, prone to cold draughts and settling timbers. Whether the experiences of so many people are real or imaginary, the acts of spirits or just natural phenomena, has yet to be decided. In the meantime it continues to draw the curious from all over the country.

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Have you been to Lancashire and the Royal Court Theatre in Bacup? Did you sense anything there? Did you feel a malign entity that whispered about murder and death? Or do you feel this is yet another spun story, entirely unverified, and the sort of nonesense associated with TV psychics called Derek or Sally?

Image credit: Rob Carder, Pinterst.

Most remarkable squirrel rescue

While you’re out sailing on the Somerset Reservoir and you’re nearly a mile from shore you would have no reason to expect an encounter with a young squirrel. That’s exactly what happened to this father and son team who struggled to persuade the squirrel onboard their boat.

It all works out well, though.

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Do you have any stories of unlikely animal rescues? Share them in the comments below.

Occult bottoms and Baphomet panties

Canadian boutique Esty store Noctex has a range of occult inspired clothes. They include this pair of Baphomet panties. Baphomet is the name of entity that the Knights Templar were accused of worshipping when they fell out of favour in Europe.

It was Eliphas Levi who associated the name with the “Sabbatic Goat”; an image which shows the sum total of the universe; male, female, good and evil.


Fancy the sum of good and evil on your bottom? Visit Noctex’ product page.

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What do you think? Cool underwear or are you shocked to your core?

A surprise among 115,000 volts!

You might wonder what’s going in this video at first. A man seems to be recording his walk through an electrical substation. You can hear the buzz of the energy but other than that there’s only the crunch of his boots.

It’s worth a watch. Suffice to say that a pair of nesting birds have picked an interesting place for their nest. On one hand you could consider it extremely dangerous given the overhead wires. On the other hand you could consider the substation to be protected from all sorts of predators.

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Did the hungry baby birds give you a surprise?

The real life adventure to rescue a puppy

This incredible film is about 14 minutes long and shows a heroic Zac Anderegg on a rescue mission. He treks through a dangerous and steep canyon slot in Arizona to rescue a puppy. In the end the adventure requires all sorts of ropes and equipment.

Anderegg does not believe the puppy fell. He thinks the poor dog was left down the canyon on purpose. The good news? Puppy Riley is now a member of the Anderegg family. The adventure happened back in 2010, Zak ended up on the Ellen show, earning a lifetime supply of dog food and this video was uploaded in 2013.

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How far would you go to rescue a puppy?